Trend Foodservice Design and Consulting offers perspective clients a wide range of services in foodservice, laundry, and waste designs. Trend produces its designs and projects using the latest version of AutoCAD 2009 and proprietary foodservice specific programs to create accurate design drawings and documents.


Trend Foodservice Design and Consulting meets with your entire team, from project managers to facility operators to enable us to create designs that meet the specific needs of your project. Please find a sample scope of Trend's design services.



Design Service Scope


1. Concept and Schematic Design Phase:


                             Meet Project Manager or Client Representative to gather necessary input

                             regarding the project.


                             Meet with designated foodservice operators to gather operational ideas and



                             Prepare a schematic floor plans reflecting the project's objectives and criteria.


                             Prepare an operational/traffic flow diagram, incorporating HACCP and heatlh

                             and safety regulations.


                             Prepare an estimated utility load requirements for applicable areas.


                             Prepare a schematic budget based on the schematic floor plans.



  2. Design Development Phase 


                             Prepare an itemized preliminary equipment floor plans in 1:50 scale.


                             Prepare an itemized equipment schedule.


                             Prepare a catalogue sheet booklet illustrating all standard manufacturer 



                             Prepare an itemized equipment budget.


                             Prepare an itemized utlility load requirement for equipment.


                             Prepare project development notes that are provided to the Project Manager

                             or Architects to assist in project co-ordination


                            Co-ordinate with Interior Designers in development of display kitchens, service

                            stands, bars and any special counters.


                            Submit design development plans to Client or Project Manager.


                            Review with Client, Project Manager or other applicable parties, and

                            incorporate comments in Construction Documents.



  3. Construction Documents


                             Prepare an itemized detailed equipment floor plan in 1:50 scale.


                             Prepare building condition plans illustrating curbs, depressions and special  

                             wall requirements.


                             Prepare electrical rough-in drawings with complete schedules of electrical 

                             requirements for all equipment.


                             Prepare plumbing rough-in drawings with complete schedules to illustrate

                             water, waste, gas and steam requirments.


                             Prepare refrigeration and ventilation plans illustrating product cooling

                             refrigeration systems; cooking equipment exhaust requirements and

                             equipment ventilation requirements.


                             Prepare an overall schematic plan (drawn on small scale architectural

                             background) demonstrating the line runs for all owner provided beverage



                             Prepare written specifications for standard manufacturer equipment and

                             custom equipment developed for the project.


                             Prepare elevations and details as required for standard manufacturer and

                             custom equipment.


                             Prepare an itemized cost estimate as per construction documents.



  4. Bidding Phase


                             Issue plans and specifications, complete with itemized bid forms, to a list of

                             agreed upon foodservice/laundry/waste contractors for separate prime bids;

                             OR, to the Client or Client's Representative in a form suitable for inclusion in

                             his specifications to be bid on as part of the general contract.


                             Issue addenda, clarification memos and drawings as requested by Client or

                             Client's Representative during bidding phase.


                             Prepare a bid analysis spreadsheet for the Client to review bid submissions.


                             Assist Client in reviewing bid submissions.


                             Prepare bid submission recommendation based on submissions.



  5. Construction Phase


                             Review all  foodservice/laundry/waste shop drawings and submittals for

                             completeness and compliance with Construction Documents.


                             Assist the Client, Client's Representative or Architect in responding to 

                             Contractor's inquires.


                             Prepare Change Notices if required.


                             Perform completion inspection and prepare punch list noting differences from

                             plans, details and specifications.



  6. Project Management


                             Available on a case by case basis; please e-mail [email protected]

                             for more information




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